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Maritime Disputes

DF Advocates has represented both Maltese and international clients  in relation to  claims leading to the arrest of vessels in Malta, as well as in other foreign jurisdictions. We vaunt  a strong history of service in obtaining and enforcing Maltese and foreign judgments against vessels, and in assisting clients in proceedings leading to the forced sale of vessels and private sales of ships.

The procedure for the arrest of vessels in Malta involves the filing of a warrant of arrest of a vessel. Such action may be taken by a creditor at the initial stages when it still requires a judicial decision confirming its credit, therefore the arrest would amount to a precautionary act, or at a later stage, that is, with the intention of enforcing a judgement or other executive title it may hold against a ship or the owner of a ship.

Maritime claims are privileged claims in terms of Maltese law. The law provides form a number of claims and grants such claims a special priority ranking when compared to the claims of other creditors, ensuring the payment of such claims ahead of others further to an arrest and eventual sale of the vessel.

Furthermore, DF Advocates is also able to advise on a wide array of international maritime disputes including claims relating to carriage of goods by sea and international trade, maritime insurance, safety and security of passengers and crew on board vessels, general average, salvage, pilotage, towage and collision.


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