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Ship Registration

The Malta flag is the eighth (8) largest maritime flag in the world and the largest in Europe. Since joining the European Union Malta has enhanced its reputation and has been working hard to maintain its high standing position in the white-list of the Paris MoU.

Safety and Security standards onboard Maltese vessels are continuously being monitored and laws are constantly being updated in recognition and enforcement of ever developing IMO and ILO standards. Nonetheless, the flag administration recognises the commercial needs of owners; indeed the Malta flag has gained a reputation as an ‘owner-friendly jurisdiction’. Flag officials are always available to discuss options and propose solutions, for ship owners, while ensuring compliance with Maltese law and international Conventions.

The advantages of registration of a ship under the Malta flag are numerous. The Malta flag provides for the registration of any type of ship including barges, pontoons, oil rigs and ships under construction by means of an expeditious and straightforward procedure. The flag administration also maintains very competitive  rates, which compare very well with other flags.

A Maltese registered vessel may be owned by a Maltese or European citizen, any company which is registered in Malta or in any EU Member State or any other corporate body. Non-EU companies may also register a vessel under the Malta flag. The Malta flag enables the manning of ships by non-nationals, rendering the crewing of the ship easier to set up and administer. Malta does not impose trading restrictions for the registration of vessels however, ships that are older than fifteen (15) years will be subject to additional requirements and inspections. Furthermore, as a rule, trading ships of twenty-five (25) years and over are not registered under the Malta flag.

Maltese law provides for advantageous Malta flag tax incentives in relation to the ownership, operation, and most recently, management of merchant ships.

Please refer to the section entitled Malta Flag Tax Incentives for further information.

At DF Advocates we have gained a wealth of expertise and experience, and are able to assist clients through the process of ship registration under the Malta flag, including:

  • Setting up of a licensed shipping organisation;
  • Ship Registration;
  • Mortgage Registration;
  • Crew contract and Endorsements;
  • DOCs for management companies.

For further information please contact: 

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Ship Registration in Malta 


Email: jean.farrugia@dfadvocates.com
Contact Name: Dr. Jean C. Farrugia

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